Page 1, Panel 1



Okay, this one-panel-at-a-time thing is going to make page design tricky, but let’s not over-think.  I’ll try to give you an approximate panel size as we go.  This one should probably be the full width of the page and about a quarter of its height.  

If that’s too complicated, we can always use the magic of the photocopier to cut/paste/resize as needed.  Remember: our watchword is FUN. 

So yes.  

Wide panel.  In the background, simple hills, trees and flowers.  On one of the hills panel right (That means on the right side of the panel), a simple castle. 

In the foreground panel left, sitting on a rock and stroking a kitten in her lap, is our PRINCESS.  

She can look however you like, my dear.  She can look like you, if that makes you happy, or have purple hair or pigtails or three eyes, if that makes you smile.  


My name is Princess Ninja


I am a Princess…


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